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General Questions

How much is the Bitcoin rate?
We follow Blockchain and Coindesk spot rate for both deposits and withdrawals.
Can members without investment earn commission?
No, you can not earn commissions if you do not have any active deposits in your account.
Will deposits from account balance make my upline earn commission?
Yes, deposits from account balance will credit your upline his deserved referral commission. This will also enable our investors to save on processing fees.
How long do withdrawals take before getting processed?
All payment process are the instant, With Bitcoin,Ripple,Eitherium and Paypal are not any longer than 6 hours .
How long must I wait for a ticket response?
If your inquiry is urgent, we will respond with urgency. If your ticket is an offer, we may not reply. If your ticket is about asking why your withdrawal has been pending for just a few minutes or hours, then we might reply.

Financial Questions

How much is your minimum deposit and what is your minimum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.00 while the minimum deposit is at a very low $100.00. However, we ask all investors to please consolidate all withdrawal requests from specific individual processor types to save us time.
How much can I deposit?
You can deposit as much as you want and as many times as you want to as many plans as you wish. There is no limit to the number and amount of deposits you wish to make.
How much is the referral commission?
We give for all leaders 5% affiliate commission instant as according to plan Basic,Primium,and Ultimate and 8% Matching (1:1) Commision.
Can withdraw through another processor?
We do not support inter-currency exchanges sorry.
How many times can we take withdraws?
You can withdraw every day 24 hour.
Minimun withdraw and minimum transaction fee?
Here 10$ Minimum withdraw and 10% minimum transaction fee.
Can I get level income?
Yes, you can get level income up to 4 level (5%,3%,2% and 1%), if you make self earning of $5000.
Can I get ROI daily?
No, you can get ROI only monday to friday in every week.

Technical Questions

How can I update my account details?
You may login to your account and click on Account Settings button to be forwarded to your profile page. The only details in your account that you can update is your password. E-mail address, payment processor account details cannot be modified. If you have not previously entered a payment processor account details in your profile, you may input your details once. This can only be done once. Once you have set these and want to modify them, you will need to contact support for assistance. Be ready to prove ownership of your account before our team can update your account details for you, especially your payment processor account details.
My downline made a deposit but I have not been credited?
Make sure that he is under your referral link, otherwise you will not get credited any commissions.
I cannot login, why?
Make sure you have the correct password. Make sure your account was not hacked. Make sure you have not violated any of our terms and conditions. If you think that you have not done any violation and you cannot login, please contact support.


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